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released October 24, 2011

Joe Rosa, Matt Roads, Chris Ansuini, Garrett Roads, Dominic Moisant, and Zach Olson



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Big Business & the Young Professionals San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Strangers
I change with the seasons for a reasoning unknown
My love, like the flower, the winter's cold shall devour
A cold and frozen death waits for us all

I'm just like the weather, I'm fickle just like the feather
You see it, I believe it, you curse it just like a feeling
A downwards spiral staircase for us all

And I need a little something that's more
I wish to be a human being
I need a little something for sure
For I can not explain this furthermore

I'm sorry, I mean it, to prove it I'll just repeat it
I'm sorry, so sorry, but to loose me aint worth the worry
I am just a stranger among us all

I want to, I want to lie
Track Name: The Theif And The Light
An outside is dawn and the light is nearly gone
Whats done is done as the fog rises to the sun
You can't buy that peace of mind
But it comes from time to time
The dark is gone says the light inside of us all
Says the light, says the light

The sky has a peppered shine tonight
The sun will then disguise. Sunrise.
The animals collect after a slumber outside
They'll seek shelter when the time is right

Like a graveyard dark
A murdered light by a thief in the park
The grass shines on
By way of dew left by the absence of sun
There's no one up but the thief and the sky
And they'll cry from time to time
The dark is gone
But I heard that from the thief who's on trial
Track Name: One Way Street
You want change but won't put forth the effort
With these views of mistreatment
You sympathize only with yourself, dear
And don't care to look in my direction
You don't think that I see thee outcome
I'm an oversensitive man and that's to blame
Maybe I just see that your one way street has no turns

Your one last hope is in these last two weeks
Yet your cynical views are still growing
I try to bare every last feeling
But there is little chance that I can last
You ponder the thoughts of this being worth it
But no course of action could ever change
There's no way 'cause your one way street has no turns

I hope and I pray that these days will soon change
But I don't see them a-coming
You will not consider my pain
And all the doubts that come with it
I beg and I plead
But you still won't finish thee conversation
But you'll make a scene
You just gave up and your one way street has no turns
Track Name: Be Like The Tree
You can be like the tree
And just sit around and be happy
When you are a-blooming
And your season is ripe with some prunin'
May your grass grow tall in the spring before the fall
Your leftover branches collected by man and turned into ashes

The hills point north where the wind can soar
And the birds avoid paying taxes
The fence divides my yard and the sky
And the gravel, rough like the winter

You can be like the breeze
And come and go as you please
Replace all you know with the sound of the hollow
The tires shout and scream, spinning all about
Distracted again, and again, when the peace of the night turns bitter
Track Name: A Cinema In Sleep
Early in the morning when the sun goes down
Thoughts will gather from the snow
The pillow seems to me as a mighty land
Taking all the dreamers by the hand
Taking all the dreamers to their land

The night can seem short with thoughts like mine and yours
A cinema in my sleep

Take one on the chin or you'll grow too old
And sleep off all the troubles of your soul
I don't sigh, I breath, it's that easy
To go with all the day without a frown
Exhale all your pressures or you'll drown
Track Name: The Overwhelming Station
A lot of things need a-changin'
At the overwhelming station
Got my overpriced ticket at the door
A lot of things need a-changin'

I'm in one tragic situation
Trying to bare, bare my soul
Got some feelings that need some rearranging
Need a doctor's touch just take control

My regrets are all that follow
Followed through that bitter cold
And today has just been the worst
And I'm afraid

These tracks are built all with sorrow
This engine runs on pain alone
The gripping hand is getting tighter
The knuckles are turning white

A lot of things need a-changin'
At the overwhelming station
Got my overpriced ticket. All aboard!
A lot of things need a-changin'
Track Name: Tea Time
Side by side we sip in stride
Not conscience about time
We drink to our thirst and talk about the past
The umbrellas wet and we can bet that this tea will warm us fine
We talk up a storm and dry ourselves with time

Hey little bird I'll cheers to you
This fires the cure for all our blues

The candles out but there's no doubt that the cat will slumber still
She isn't the first and this won't be the last

The glove and hat sit and relax
The floor is their new home
The rug is the dirt that swept us off our feet
The fire place holds and empty vase
The books lean on the clock
My suit is no dry but the rain is pouring still
Track Name: The World's Smallest Room
This room is big enough for one
And we must except what has begun
The curtains are not for the sun
But provide the privacy of all that is wrong
I can't find my way to you
In the world's smallest room
And you outa change

The smell of the smoke, the stains
Leaks into my head and into my brain
This mirror isn't showing face
Only reflects what will not take place
It's time to realize the truth that I'm not for you
And you outa change

I can't find my way to you in the world's smallest room
And you are not to blame
It's time to realize the truth, that I'm not for you
But it's not the same from when we first began
It's time to realize the truth, it's time to realize the truth
Verbal abuse is what we do

I can only taste the blame
But my weakened stage is all that has changed
Of course I am not like you
Where all that I say turns into abuse
I wish I could just walk away
Track Name: Concrete Home
I was living in an old concrete home
The offending car backed up in the downpour
Took the chance by the bloodline on the road
I was living in an old concrete home

Took it back but I lost it all
Can't buy back what I sold
Can't buy my soul, can't buy my soul

I know how the city was living
It's been wrong from the start
How are these people still breathing?
A country home, some mountains to hide us
The animals outside with the flowers
It makes sense, it's easy living
Can I go home?
Track Name: Another Sleepless Dream
You poisoned all the things I hold sacred
My love was something pure but is no more
You could be the dream, I could be the sleep
But we are no more

I compromised myself and then some
Gave up my mental health and so much more
I could be the ghost, or a poorly told joke
But I am no more

This heart of mine
Like a shattered spine
Hurts every step of the way
Be kind all the time
I don't mind, I try
But where has it gotten me?
Another sleepless dream

I might deny the only time I left you
No attempt to vent or even the score
I have always asked for nothing more
That's what I'm making up for

You have fallen from the tree so leave-less
Now you want no, nothing more
You and I should be risking more
Just like we did before
Track Name: Queen Bella
Your majesty, I kneel before
Presenting these shaky knees
I bring a rose, honey, for your sensitive nose, honey
Forgetting that you hate to sneeze
A chocolate tart for my Queen of hearts
Not knowing that you hate the cocoa bean
You're so particular and so obscure
How does a humble servant get to thee?

Queen, Queen, Queen Bella
Queen, Queen, Queen Bella
I walk thee earth's surface for you
To find your cranberry juice
Queen, Queen Bella

As a commoner I search the earth
For treasures that I can give to you
But you think of me as a thorn in your tree
A distraction from Adam's eternity
As a jester's son I'm a simpleton
Not knowing how to speak nor act
Queen, Queen, Queen Bella
We have the fall of Rome at hand but we can do much better

Queen, Queen, Queen Bella
Queen, Queen, Queen Bella